Shirt to Dress

I saw this shirt on crazy clearance at my second place of employment that shall still remain nameless 🙂


I love wearing aqua. I happen to be a “Soft Summer” complexion/Season (it’s my job to know these things. Plus, I’m just kind of a dork like that). Aqua brings out the best in me. Annnnnd… it’s just really pretty 🙂

Sidebar: If you don’t know YOUR season, I highly recommend you figure it out. It really helps you know what colors suit you and what colors don’t. My whole life I thought I was an “Autumn” because I have green eyes.  I was disgustingly wrong. Take this free quiz if you want to know what your season is 🙂

Back to the refashion…

I don’t have any “during” photos of this one, folks. This was another one of my “first” refashions.

In a nutshell: I cut off the sleeves completely, took them in a few inches; Then, I took in the top part of the shirt only. I really wanted this to be a dress and if I took it in too much, it would’ve become a shirt; Then, I reattached the arms because I like sleeves. It was still loose in the “bodice” shall we call it… so, I put elastic under my bust line to cinch it even more. Elastic is great 🙂

See under the bust?

This one really took me a while, actually. I had to keep taking it in, and I made several mistakes along the way that I had to fix. It really was quite challenging. But, I was really happy with the outcome!

The pics don’t do it justice. Do you SEE that fabulous scoop neckline with the bling? Take my word for it, it’s gorgeous 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shirt to Dress

    1. Thanks, Steph 🙂 I only used to sew with a pattern too, but I could never understand them! I think that’s another reason why I used to hate sewing. When I said, “Eh” to the rules and just did my own thing I found it much more exciting. If I can do it, anybody can. Go for it 🙂

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