On the Bandwagon Shirt

I got this hot little number at, where else but, the Goodwill. Yes, you really must emphasize the Goodwill.

Even though I’m frowning I love 99 cent Sundays 🙂

I love the print of the jacket cover-up thingy. The dress itself was uber comfortable; however, this reminded me of all the church lady dresses I grew up seeing (and still see, sadly) in the early 90s.

I decided to make a flowy top out of the bottom half of the dress, so I cut accordingly.


I wanted this to be pretty big and kind of peasant-y. I didn’t want anything too fitted. So, I decided to do a little topsy-turvy action. I made the top/bottom of the scrap the side (of what would be my new shirt). And made the sides into the top/bottom (of what would be my new shirt). Kapeesh?

So I had to sew down the sides and cut off the existing seams…

See what I mean, Vern?

After MANY a failed attempt at making this a long sleeved (dare I say, batwing inspired) shirt it just WASN’T happening for me!

Ya know, kinda like this.. but not quite as “wide”…

I hate my arms. 3 years of tricep kickbacks and I still have flab 😦 Oh well. That will be my next surgery that I’ll have to pay for out of pocket… Sorry, I digress.

I had to turn this into a one-shouldered shirt! Yes, like many a-refashionista before me I have jumped on the One-shoulder bandwagon!

“Is it ON the bandwagon… or OFF the bandwagon???”

I finished off the raw seams

That built in “walking foot” rocks my world!

Made a couple of tweaks and Voila!

Whad’ya think?
Side view
Sassy pose. Hai.

I must say, I rather like this one! 🙂

And it only cost me 99 cents 🙂

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