A home for Tabby

My husband is awesome 🙂 He surprises me all the time with “just because” gifts, which is just fine by me because I happen to LOVE surprises!  He’ll bring me a Starbucks drink to work at least twice a week (my Bestie is a shift manager so we get our drinks for free. Hello!).  Occasionally, he’ll really surprise me. One such instance was after we were first married (and we still had money). He bought me a Tablet!

At the time I was still using my college computer with Windows ME on it… The thing took a day and a half to boot up, was loaded with viruses, and didn’t save any of my work 🙂 Needlesstosay, it was pretty useless to me.

I wanted to protect my tablet as best I could, so I did my research and found some cases online.

Hello, I'm $39.99
Hello, I’m $39.99

Not bad. They range $15 to $150, believe it or not. The ones I saw were okay, but they were kind of boring. I believe that something can be functional and way cool at the same time 🙂

I decided to make one from some fabric that I scrounged up. One of the perks of working at a sewing shop is that people will donate their scraps all. the. time. I have a limitless stash at my disposal!

I found the fabric I liked, put my tablet on it to get an idea for how much I would need (Have I mentioned I hate patterns?). And, honestly, I just made it up as I went along…

Isn't that fabric awesome?
Isn’t that fabric awesome?

IMAG0325 IMAG0322

My Tablet now has a safe place to call home 🙂

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