2 in 1 Scarf

I am a scarf whore. I love them. They’re so versatile and just plain cute. At one point, I had 30 in my closet. I’m sad to say I sold most of them on consignment a while back (because who really NEEDS 30 scarves?? seriously.)… this was before I knew anything about refashioing or upcycling. When I got bored with something, I’d sell or donate it… That was before.

I did keep a few that I just couldn’t part with. These are 2 such scarves:

Don’t they look lovely together?

Even though these two were among my favorites, I was still getting bored with them :-/ …until I stumbled across a super cute scarf on Pinterest that I just HAD to have!

Hello inspiration

How cute is this??? It’s from a delightful blog called Ruffles and Stuff. You should definitely check it out. The directions were super easy to follow and required no pattern (I HATE patterns!).  All that WAS required was a couple of cuts of the fabric and two seems of a gathered stitch. That’s all it took for these two pieces to become one. Did anyone else have a late 90s flashback of the Spice Girls?

“When two become one…”

Sorry, I digress. This was the outcome.

…as modeled by my employer’s dress form.

Sewing is a learning experience. I never finish a project without taking away a nice lil’ nugget of knowledge. This project taught me the importance of (in random order): ironing, measuring, pinning, and, above all, to TAKE MY TIME! The specifications of this scarf were tailored for a little girl 🙂 The scarf barely wrapped around my neck once, let alone cascade so flowingly down my bosom like I prefer my scarves to do… lesson learned. It’s still super cute. The next time I try it, it’ll look even more amazing 🙂

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