Here goes nothing… Polka dots

This wasn’t my first refashion, but it’ll be my blog’s first šŸ™‚

I started off with this polka dot number from my closet archives. 2005 to be exact. Yes, I still had it.Ā  I’ve shrunk since my college days, so this wasn’t working as is… I loved this jacket. I wasn’t ready to retire it. It was a perfectly good jacket! It just needed tweaking šŸ™‚


First, I new I wanted to tackle the length. So, I chopped the finished hems of the sleeves and the bottom.

Do you see the stains? This is what years in a closet with no garment bag will do… eww.

Then, I took the jacket in on each side about 2 inches. I always take it in before I shorten it.

Pinned and marked.

After several fittings, I ended up shortening the length and the sleeves multiple times. When you’re shortening something, it’s best to err on side of caution as it’s easier to shorten than add length šŸ™‚

Taking up the length

After I finally got the fit I was happy with… there were still those gross stains to contend with. I washed and pre-treated this bad boy to no avail. There was nothing left to do but give it a dye bath. I have NEVER dyed anything before and was quite nervous! I got a bottle of RIT Scarlet dye and followed the directions… This was the result.

Side view

“After & Before”… Go easy on me, I’m a blogging virgin šŸ™‚


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