Arm Lift: 1 Year Later

If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that I’m a plastic surgery enthusiast. This is, however, out of necessity and not necessarily vanity. In the wake of losing 100-lbs I was left with so much loose skin I sometimes feel as though I’ll never be rid of it all and that my transformation will never be complete.

After a wonderful experience with myΒ Tummy Tuck and Boob Job, (and incidentally, even though it wasn’t planned, my nose surgery) I was SO excited to have the skin from my upper arms cut off. I was completely fearless about it and honestly, was so anxious for the surgery that I kind of obsessed over it. Financially, the tummy tuck took a lot out of me. Other “life’s a B!tch” finances happened too and, well, it had to be put on the back-burner. It would be 5 years in between surgeries before we could finally afford to take the plunge and schedule the surgery I’d been dreaming aboutΒ for years. On September 17, 2015 I checked in for my 3rd (but not my last…) cosmetic procedure.
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Refashion Runway Sewalong: Swing Tunic (?)

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a Maxi Dress kick as of late… My Velvet sewalong, Awards Night No Sew, and Me Made May Maxi Dress are just a few examples. Β That’s not even counting the ones I’ve worn and not blogged about! Leave it to me to be 6 years behind the curve… So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I was drawn to this piece.


This sucker was only .50 cents. I absolutely adore this color combination and I thought I would adore the dress as-is… Unfortunately, I do not.

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Refashion Runway Sewalong: Metallic

I found this awesome two piece prom dress (or costume…) for .99 cents, as alwaysπŸ™‚


It’s too awesome for just one “before” shot!

I modeled this just before heading out to the gym. Though the material looks like glitter it is actually metallic floss thread, making it perfect for the RR challenge.

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Mote Marine Shirt

I just got back from vacation. 8 days goes by so fast in paradise… Usually, I wear several refashions when we go to Florida and will post about them when we get back. This trip was a little more laid back for us and, honestly, I was lazy. What are vacations for, right?πŸ™‚ This is the only refashion I have from our glorious week on Siesta Key.


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